A Diva's Lesson

Today we had the unpleasant experience of letting Diva endure a life lesson.

You see, last night at bedtime she says to me that she will need me to get her sand (ah, yeah, sand) to take to school in the morning. She needs enough to cover the bottom of a shoe box about an inch, she says.

The funny thing was, that she said this in a way that she really expected this to take place, like there wasn't any rational explanation why it wouldn't work out. My mind is racing with thoughts of how I let this happen. She really thinks that mommy and/or daddy will just take care of this for her. It was awful for me to see her crying and know that what I had to say next was going to make it worse. But I had to, as a mom. I told her that it was too late for mom and dad to get her the sand that she needed for the morning and that she would have to let her science teacher know that she doesn't have the needed sand for the experiment. Unless, of course, the Sandman could find time in his busy schedule to leave her a pile next to her bed tonight.

I told her that I loved her and kissed her goodnight. I don't think that she believed we weren't going to get her the sand because she was asleep within 15 minutes when I went to check on her.

In the morning I had to let Husband know what was going on so that he could prepare himself for the drama which was about to unfold this morning. We agreed to not say anything to her about it and see if she brought it up to us. She didn't say anything about it for the first 30 minutes. Then, while she was getting dressed, I guess it hit her. That was when I reiterated to her that this was one time when she will have to admit her mistake and deal with it. There was no sand for today going to magically arrive at school by 12:30pm. (Which I'm sure in her mind she was still holding out for.) Now came the drama for a good 25 minutes or so. That was when she told us that there were 3 girls in her experiment group and that the sand was her part of the experiment to bring. So now she has also disappointed 2 other girls. It gets better folks ~ the 2 other girls are 2 of the mean girls in the class that are always picking on and messing with all the other girls. They are the girls who have had detention on several occasions. So poor Diva is now really in a pickle.

We tried to calmly explain to Diva how this was going to be rough for her but she needed to seek out the Science teacher first thing this morning and explain to her that she messed up and now doesn't have the needed material for her group's science experiment. She needed to ask the teacher to not punish the other 2 girls for her mistake and also ask how she can fix this. Diva was so worked up, it was so hard to watch her. I know she was more upset about the 2 girls and what they were going to do to her than she was about facing the teacher. So, I tried to tell her that she would be doing the right thing and it may be hard for the other girls to accept but if she could head the problem off at the pass before the girls tormented her then it may work out for the best for her. In honesty, it's a crap shoot. Those girls will most likely make her day a living hell just because they can, whether or not she fixes her mistake. They are just like that.

When I picked Diva up from school, she was in a fantastic mood. The Science teacher said it was okay and that they could do their experiment on Monday ~ 1 of the other 2 girls had forgotten the shoe box they needed for the experiment (but her mom brought it in later) so they really didn't have much to say about Diva's mistake ~ Diva thinks she did really well in the solo try-outs for the spring musical ~ they got to go outside for recess today (because in the 'Burgh weather ranges from 9 to 39 on a daily basis in winter) and she had a really great day in all of her other subjects. Hooray for Diva. All's well that ends well!


Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh my goodness!! Good for you. I can only imagine how hard that was for you. As moms we wnat to fix everything for our kids. I totally plan to be that kind of mom when my kids are old enough. We try really hard to teach Big Brother about responsibility. That was a great way to help your daughter be responsible for her school wrok.

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

I'm glas
d everything worked out.