Once Upon A Time

Once there was a spark that grew into a glorious flame. So many dreams, so many schemes, so much love.

Then there was a child. A beautiful, wonderful child, so smiley and new. She grew into a smart, carefree child that listened to the rules and knew how to have fun.

After years of praying, hoping and agonizing gestation, along came another child. A child who loved to cuddle and eat but one who could hear a pin drop in his sleep. He grew into a fun-loving, genius who is super-human strong and still loves to cuddle and eat.

This loving family only wants what all families what - time to spend together enjoying the day. This family tries to do these things - over and over and over again. One day, we will succeed!

What prompted this you ask? Well, we tried to go to the mall yesterday. Boy Child and Husband needed new sneakers. We planned the afternoon well. First to the shoe store, then Boy Child and Husband would go to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood so Diva and I could shoe shop and get some other necessities. After that we would have a Food Court dinner and end it with some nice ice cream before we leave for home.

You know what they say about best-laid plans (The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry). Oh, we got to the shoe store alright. Husband, Boy Child and Diva found shoes right away which they loved and fit well. So Husband took Boy Child to the Neighborhood for some romping time. I then got to search for a pair of brown shoes. (Which I never did find.) While searching I hear Husband yelling at Boy Child. Diva and I look at each other in panic. Then sure as the sun rises in the East here they come - one with tears the other with a scowl.

It seems that my wonderful Boy Child decided early into the romping that it would be fun to start spitting on all the children. Not just one or two mind you, but ALL the children. No, no , I'm not kidding....he would literally run up to them and spit in their faces. Can you believe it?! There became an angry mob of mothers chasing down "the spitter" before Husband realized it was his kid that was the culprit. The he swooped in for the kill. How embarrassing.

Unfortunately, once this kind of thing starts, it must run its course with Boy Child so the only thing we could do was go home before he had a chance to cause any more public displays of temperament.

On our way home we realize that we are very hungry and decided that Boy Child is not going to ruin the rest of the day for us. We stop for a bite to eat close to home. Mind you we are all braced for the worst. Thankfully, it went well and we were able to salvage the togetherness for an hour or so.

Ahhhh, family time ~ gotta love it.

P.S. Once home I was successfully able to whoop some Husband butt at Pinball for the Wii and also at the kid's basketball game. Yeah baby!

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Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

SOme day you will look back & laugh.