Biker Boy

Thanks to the unusual weather that the 'Burgh has been experiencing, we got to play outside for the last week. This meant that kids wanted scooters, skateboards, sidewalk chalk, and bicycles.

Diva chose the scooter since she gave her bicycle to a neighbor friend because our cousin will be handing hers down to us. Which was nice because a different neighbor gave us that original bike to begin with. Now that is what I call recycling.

Boy Child received a bicycle for his birthday 2 years ago. He was way too small for it at the time but now it is just the right size. So Dad and Boy Child pumped up the tires and put on the training wheels and let him have at it.

He said to his Dad that he thought he looked like a teenager now on this big boy bike. Oh my. It didn't take him long to get the hang of it and he soon was going too fast for Mom to keep watching. I let Dad be in control of this one, it was making me nervous.

I remember when I was young. There was a group of 8 or so kids that all hung out together. It was nice because we were all staggered in ages by 1 or 2 years apart and it was a nice mix of boys and girls. We used to draw chalk road signs and cities on the driveways and on our street. We'd ride from driveway to driveway to venture into different "towns". This way the little kids who couldn't ride bikes yet could be the shop keepers or gas station attendants and still be involved in the game. This sometimes was an all-day event that became very complex. It was always sad when the Dads came home from work and had to park in the driveway and ruin all of our fun. Boy how times have changed.

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