The great chef emerges

I finally caved in and let Diva make the Sunday morning pancakes. I let her make them from start (measuring all ingredients and mixing) to finish (plating and serving).

Normally, I let the kids make the batter but I never let them use the stove. Diva is 9 1/2 now and perhaps I should let her. I know I was baking with my mom at that age and using the oven, but the oven and the actual flame on the stove are two different things. I have been a bit hesitant and afraid of clothes burning and skin charring. But I caved.

It was a success! The only problem now is that she wants to make pancakes


Julia O'C said...

Having someone want to make you breakfast every day is a bad thing?! Just kidding - I'm sure you end up having to deal with the mess.

I really liked your comment on Red Pen Mama's site. We're kind of in the same boat.

Marjie said...

hah....I remember my pancake days. those where the first ones I learned how to cook when I was 11. i could already see it--that girl will soon be creating great thanksgiving dinners for you guys. raise her well!

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

I wish someone would cook for me once a week. ;)

red pen mama said...

She looks like a pro! DearDR is the pancake maker in our house, and he has an eager (most of the time) apprentice in monkey.