A Magical Afternoon

Boy Child has been especially testing us lately. He has been defiant, aggressive and a ball of energy. Even with the nice weather that has been hanging around lately and him getting to play outside on his bike and quad, he still seems excessively rambunctious.

We had a notion to take him to see Disney On Ice. Now you wouldn't necessarily choose a sit.in.your.seat kind of show for him but he has been to the circus and to movie theaters and has done very very well. We thought it would be a nice family day.

This show was geared just for kids like him. It was focused around The Incredibles taking a family vacation to Disneyland - but they find that Syndrome has duplicated himself and has kidnapped Mickey and Minnie Mouse to turn Disneyland into Syndroland. Need I say more?? Boy Child was just completely in love with this show. We ate before the show so we didn't have to break the bank on pizza and hot dogs. We did get popcorn and bottled water. I brought from home juice for the kids. We allowed them to get one toy on the way out, highway robbery is what that is. Diva chose a plastic Minnie Mouse doll (no idea why) and Boy Child chose the oh so noisy and flashy Buzz Lightyear fist.

It ended up to be a very nice afternoon with our kids and mostly stress-free. Ahhhhh, for a change.

Of course, once we were home it was business as usual.

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Burgh Baby said...

I now (almost) feel bad that we didn't take Alexis. She is an Incredibles FREAK.