Sometimes Fate Stinks!

Hey now we all remember this. Well, that wonderful day was Wednesday!

Here are some shots of what you all missed:

This is my seat. Notice that it is one of THE PREMO seats you can get for a Penguin game! Can you believe it!

Here is a nice shot of some of the boys.

mmm'kay, I don't think you can get more center ice than this - do you? Well, unless you are standing in the aisle.

Another shot of some of those good ole boys on the bench. Pretty darn close aren't they?

Yep, this was a chance of a lifetime for me to WIN these kind of seats. I was so excited about this. I had never been to a Penguin game before - ever.

Guess what, I STILL haven't been to a Penguin game.

Yep, this is the second time I've won Igloo Seat tickets to a Penguin game and this is the second time I've gotten so sick that I couldn't go! Oh yeah, you heard me - I DIDN'T GET TO GO! Husband got to go - and both times a friend of his got to go - but nope not me.

Sometimes, fate just stinks I tell ya.

Go Pens!

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