Weekend of Wonders

Diva was away this weekend at Girl Scout Camp. It was a nice break for her to be away from her brother. I think he needed the break from her as well.

All I know is that it sure was a lot quieter in this house. Even with the quiet it just wasn't the same without her.

Boy Child even said on Saturday afternoon that "something is different here today, mom" and I said that maybe it was the fact that Diva wasn't here and he just walked away mumbling "yeah, it is different". So I know he missed her.

This weekend, Boy Child had some comical things to say. Here is one of them: When I was putting him to bed on Friday night he sat up very serious and said: Mom, do you know why I don't sleep very well at night - I just toss and turn? I replied that I had no idea that he wasn't sleeping. So he told me exactly why ~ Mom, it is because I need to have the Tempur-pedic mattress. That will surely help me sleep. Let's go on their website and get me one! For this you have to understand that Boy Child is an addict for infomericals. He can recite all the websites for all the products that he believes we and/or he cannot live without. One of which is the Buxton bag - he tells me almost daily how much I need to have that purse.

We also lost the remote to the cable box in their playroom. It is there somewhere, he just cleaned up a little too well. It didn't stop him though. He figured out how to maneuver the buttons on the box to bring up the channel guide and select Cartoon Network. He also figured out how to maneuver the buttons to bring up On Demand and watch one of his new favorite movies "Micro Mini Kids". He's 5 people - kinda freaky. Can you say Parental Control with a Pin Number! Yeah, no idea what he would be watching if we didn't have that set up.

Now the not so funny thing he did this weekend was this:

I asked him how the faucet could just snap off like that and he very seriously told me that the water wasn't coming out just right so he had to tap on the faucet and it just fell into the sink. Yeah, right. He literally just snapped it right off.

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Suzette said...

Yup. Kinda scary when they try to 'fix'things...