A hunting we shall go

We are still actively seeking a house to rent. We were served with our eviction notice from the Sheriff Sale that was held in January. We've been looking since the beginning of the last school year.

We knew this day was coming so we have been packing here and there so as not to alarm the kids. We finally told Diva that we were moving and that she wasn't returning to her school next year but rather attending public school. She took it pretty good actually, there was crying but now she is actually looking forward to having more than 12 kids in her entire grade next year. We didn't get into the specifics of everything but rather just that Boy Child needs to have special education and we cannot get that from our current school. It is not a lie, it just isn't the entire reason for moving.

Now that we told her and the school it is easier. We can now pack more openly and thoroughly. She can say her good-byes properly at school.

We haven't had very much luck in the house hunting. We have found some houses but we have to take into consideration Boy Child's issues and a lot of the houses just won't work out for him. For example: He has some safety issues and we cannot live on a main road that would have heavy traffic. He has high energy so we need a home that has some type of yard for him to play in. We need to have a game room so that he (and Diva) have a place to play and watch "their" shows/movies - you know so that mom and dad have an hour to themselves to say watch the Penguins or Steelers. Lastly and the most important is that we want to be in a specific school district other than the one we are currently in for public school.

That being said, we have found houses that are perfect but they want us to pay $2000 or so a month in rent. That is not an option. We have found houses where the house is perfect but there is nothing but a driveway and deck for the backyard. We have found houses that the yard and location is perfect but the house is ridiculously small. We have found houses where the house and yard are perfect but it is on a very busy road.

I have even contacted realtors to see if any of them have clients who have houses that have been sitting for a year or more that might be willing to rent. Craigslist, two local papers, pennysaver, etc. No luck so far.

I'll keep plugging along and hope that we find one that fits us both financially and comfortably soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us and a little prayer wouldn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Gawd I just HATE house hunting! We have our "specifics" we need for a house too, and sometimes it is so hard to find. I cannot believe the astronomical prices that some people want to charge to rent a home as well. I mean, crap, if I had that kind of money don't you think I would be BUYING my OWN home?!?

Gotcha on the prayer list babe! Keep plugging away ... something will turn up soon that is just right for all of you!

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

Hope everything works out. When one door closes another opens.

Mom said...

I fully understand what you are going through.

We moved out of our house in November and are still waiting for the house to be sold via the foreclosure process.

We were lucky in the housing area. My husband's stepmother has a downstairs apartment that was available to us rent free. Now we can focus on digging out of the hole and starting over.