The Not-So-Cozy Coupe

When the Cozy Coupe is not so cozy anymore, you might have outgrown it! He had to tip it over to get himself out of it, poor dear.

There are some great pics at the Wordless Wednesday site - go check 'em out!


Anonymous said...

OMG, the mini-demon-in-training had one of those when he was smaller and cried like a baby when we left it behind when we moved. He had outgrown it but he still twisted and turned and bent in all sorts of shapes to get into it and try and ride it! Got to the point where he had to put his legs through the windshield and have his brother pull him in it on his bike with a rope tied to it LOL!

Burgh Baby said...

Feel free to sell me the now-too-small Cozy Coupe at a great price. ;-)