Toga, Toga, Toga

When you dream of having children one day you never think about the truly mundane, day-to-day stuff you do with them. You think about the places you want to take them or the special stuff you want to teach them or taking them to Disney World or the school plays, dance recitals or football games. You think about what your parents did or didn't do and how you will not make that mistake or you will keep that ritual going. You think about the many "firsts" you will have with your kids.

No one ever thinks about the homework, school projects due the next day without any warning, the hours of practice or lessons you endure, the many sleepless nights worrying about them in some way, or the puking and pooping. You don't think about the sacrifices you make each and every day for them behind the scenes. Even just simple ones like not taking that last bit of milk in your coffee so they can have enough for their favorite cereal for breakfast.

In so many ways it is the mundane days that I'll remember more. It's the countless times you sat and watched Barney or Dora or Chowder. You remember their smile and laugh at those times. It's game night or pizza night at home. It's the silly knock knock jokes they tell you. It's the conversations at dinner about their day. It's cranking the car radio and singing along. It's the hugs and kisses at bedtime. It's even their crawling into your bed at night.

When I have those oh so many days of mind numbing, emotionally exhausting, physically demanding days with my kids - you know the ones where by the end of they day you are so sick of hearing your own voice because all you've done is reprimand or explain or repeat to no avail - that is when I try to remind myself of the mundane days and when I check on them before I get into bed that night and see their sweet faces and listen to their rhythmic breathing, it's like I'm doing it again for the first time.

I'm reminded again why I had always dreamt of being a mom.

Here's one of the mundane moments I shared with Diva this week. They had their curriculum fair a few days ago and the theme was Greece. Yep, they all had to wear togas. I think that is truly the only thing the kids will remember from this but they had fun.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, yeah, I think the toga-wearing is right up there with Prom! I know what you mean too about watching them sleep. Like the first time all over again. you made me love the little demons again...dang it roflmao!