You can feel it in the air

You can feel it. The tension, the excitement, the hope of the Stanley Cup returning to Pittsburgh.

People are planning parties and buying anything that says Pittsburgh and hockey on it.

'Burghers are extremely fanatical about their Pittsburgh Steelers football and Pittsburgh Penguin hockey (used to be Pittsburgh Pirate baseball too but maybe someday that will turn around - good thing we built them a new stadium, it is sooo pretty). At work on game days everyone - and I do mean everyone has some sort of black 'n gold apparel and on casual Friday's, ohh fagetta'bout it, there are beads and scarves and purses. Even the doctors get in on some sort of sport paraphernalia.

We have a wedding reception to attend tonight so we may not get to hear/see the first game. But tomorrow, oh we will be glued to the TV for sure!


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