Another year older and what do you get?

Yep, another year older today. For the first time, I actually feel another year older. I think that this past year has taken a bit out of me. I'm tired.

The past year was filled with so many wonderful events in my children's lives. Diva has grown so much this year and is such a sweet girl. She is a bit mouthy but I really do blame it on the extra attention given to Boy Child because of his needs. I know at times she feels like she is second fiddle and that can be very hard but there are times when it just cannot be helped because Boy Child can be too out of control. Boy Child has not disappointed us in the chaos he can create. It has been quite a challenging year for him. Thank God we have gotten him accepted to The PACE School and we will be able to give him the academic challenge that a 5 year old with an IQ in the 140's deserves and give him the help he needs with his emotional and sensory issues. Both of them are hysterical and loads of laughs - the stuff that they say just cracks me up sometimes. It is interesting to actually have more meaningful conversations with them both. Diva asks typical girl questions like make-up, hair, nails, puberty. Boy Child asks more indepth questions like how was the wheel invented and can you clone people. Yeah, he doesn't have an imaginary friend - he has his clone. A hoot people, I tell ya, they are a hoot.

I think that I've learned this year that faith, determination and patience coupled with my family's love is really all I need to get through anything. I know that all my puzzle pieces are starting to finally fit together and we will be alright. I'm encouraged now that Husband and I are making the right choices to rebuild the mess that was made last year.

This next year is going to be momentous and full of smiles!! I'm very excited for us. Our new house and new schools will be a nice change and a fresh start.

Maybe, just maybe, the Pittsburgh Penguins will give a wonderful birthday gift tonight - Like kicking some hockey butt and winning the next two games!!!

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