Chores and Memories Don't Mix

There are days where laundry and packing and cleaning and all that other stuff that are constants in our lives need to wait. I don't do that enough. There is always something that I think I need to be doing and I tell my kids to wait or when I'm done or shoo them away.

I need to stop doing that and realize that they need me to form memories and traditions for them. What I do now directly reflects on what they will someday do or not do with their children.

It is a constant battle because we are constantly battle our money situation. There never seems to be enough of it and Husband is always working to meet that next deadline and I'm just brain dead and scattered from all the Boy Child issues that I forget we need and they are craving just some time from us. Diva asked last night if we could have a family movie night this week. I don't remember what the answer was or if we even gave her an answer. She went to bed last night and didn't even come and kiss us goodnight. Okay, yeah we were a bit pre-occupied with a small little thing called THE PENGUINS WINNING THE STANLEY CUP!! but heck she still could have come downstairs and told us she was going to bed.

When we move (in the next 40 days), we will NOT be having a TV in Diva's room. The kids will have a computer in their rooms but no TV. I think that is partly the problem with Diva. She tries to stay away from her brother and she shuts herself up in her room with her TV and music and barbies that she forgets the rest of us. The new house does NOT have a playroom for them, so that will also force them to not retreat to that section of the house. Yeah, it's a downsize but yet we are gaining so much more in the way of a yard. This yard has a pool, swingset, play houses and a sandbox almost the size of my dining room. So I know that we will be outside much more.

These photos are of the 2 hours we spent at the park earlier in the week. We had a lot of fun playing on the playground, riding bikes and playing in the creek. They made friends with some butterflies. One even let them pick it up on a stick.

So much fun, that I think I'm going to sign off now and head on out to the park again this morning. So my advice is to make memories as often as you can, no matter how small. The chores will always be there, children will not, life changes in the time it takes to blink.

There are alot more wonderful pictures over at Melody's site if you'd like to visit.


BenLand said...

wow....i think you may have read my mind.....i've been having the same the housework that doesn't get done all week while i'm in the pool w/the boys....i'm happy to say i chose the pool :)

great pics!

WAY TO GO PITTSBURGH!!!!! awesome year for Pitt!!! Steeler & the Penguins.......doesn't get much better :)

melody is slurping life said...

Life is full of struggle and comprise. At the end of each day, we shouldn't beat ourselves up. It's good.

Love your images of the time at the park.