Nothing Like Some Splashy Fun

Wow, what fun we had as a family this Father's Day. Instead of traditional backyard barbecues and stuff we decided to head up North a bit and have some "splashy fun" as my Boy Child likes to call it.

It was very nice to not have the distractions of moving preparations, school placement for Boy Child, softball and all that stuff. The first day was the best - very nice. For a little while we were like a 'normal' family of four. We weren't 'that family' with the boy who is mean or out of control, Diva and I actually had some time to spend together, actually talking and playing in the pool without my eyes constantly searching behind her for the location of her brother. I could look into her eyes, those beautiful baby blues. I could see the sadness and loneliness that shouldn't be for a 9 year old but because her brother is the way he is, she feels a bit cast aside. It's hard when you have had mommy and daddy and all your relatives to yourself for 4 years and then here comes a baby brother. Then after 2 years of adjusting to the fact that you have a baby brother you come to find that he is different. She is still adjusting to it all, we forget sometimes that she is 9 and it is extremely hard for her to accept how our lives have been turned upside down due to Boy Child. Heck, it's still hard for us too to accept some days. So it rare that she gets my undivided attention, even if it is brief.

Diva loves going to Splash Lagoon. Boy Child loves it too, but he has some quirks with it as well. One of the things he doesn't like is the noise level. Yeah, it is a bit loud but once you are in it, you get used to it. Even him, but every now and then you would catch him doing this.

The first day we couldn't get Boy Child to partake in any water slide fun. Dad did, however, get him to run to the Tiki Tree House when the horn blows. This is a play area that is topped by a 48 ft. high bucket that every now and then dumps 1,000 gallons of water onto the thrill seekers below. Last year he tried to become one with the wall when the horn blasted and stared trace-like at the bucket while it dumped the water. So this was a huge improvement!

On the second day, we finally got him to ride the Maui Wowie slide. It is the mildest of all the slides and is situated at the Tiki Tree House and beside the small kids pool/play area. He tried several times to go down but chickened out each time. Then I finally got fed up and stood in line with him. He sat down and then fear took over him and clung to the wall of the slide. I looked up at the life guard and asked her if she minded if once I pried him loose could I just shove him down the slide. She thought that was a great idea too. I did exactly that. Guess what - half of the way down you could hear him screaming "This is awesome!" Yep, we couldn't get him to stop riding that slide after that.

Diva, she is another story. Diva loves her some water slides. There are slides there that take you 40 mph and then drop you straight down into 6 feet of water. Yep, I've done it. It is a rush. I like the ones where you can sit two to an inner tube and ride. She wants the extreme rides and the activity pool. Next time we will have to bring her a friend, because Dad's new partial knee and my excess pounds do not do so well with keeping up with a 9 year old running up the stairs from water slide to water slide for hours non-stop.

The kids loved it so much that they want this to be a new family tradition. We'll see, maybe we will.

On the first day, Dad even got into the fun as you can see by this quick video.


TMWW said...

Oh wow sweetie! I am so very thankful that you had a chance to do this and get away from it all. Especially that fun was had by all as well! Glad you and Diva had some face time too, she's such a trooper! I'm sure she appreciated the time alone with mom.

Hugs to the crew!

BenLand said...

looks like you had a great time....