Craziness Abound

There has been a lot of hustle and bustle around our house lately. I've been so busy I'm not even sure what the date is. It has taken me 4 days to write this post. Seriously.

Diva's team won the 10U Fastpitch Championship! In remembering last year her team won the championship for slowpitch too. She has become interested in pitching this year and has gotten to pitch in quite a few games. She has really done very well considering she hasn't had any formal coaching or attended any clinics on pitching. Now she is even interested in fall softball and wants to go to a clinic this winter to really learn the pitching techniques. Good for you Diva ~ I'm glad you have found something you are interested in. Please don't be angry at Daddy when he becomes a bit over zealous with you. He has a bit of an addictive personality and since Boy Child has no interest what-so-ever in sports (he's a bit of a techno geek) he tends to overcompensate with you, sorry but he just loves you so much and sports and movies are his ways of feeling connected to you.

We finally made it to Pap Pap's campsite for a Zambelli fireworks display. It was a week later than the holiday this year but still just as wonderful as always. Diva and Boy Child both caught their first fish! Man you should have seen the excitement on Diva and Boy Child's faces when they told me all about it (I was busy fighting with my sister back in the trailer). It was a very nice day at the camp this year. The kids played on the playground, fished, road in the annual golf cart parade, road their bikes and saw fireworks. Heck what more could a kid ask for?

This week I found out that my co-worker is quitting. I'm not really surprised since she hasn't even been there a year and has already been on probation. She just doesn't quite click. She didn't even announce it to our supervisor in person, she waited until she was on vacation this week and wrote a ridiculous email about something that she couldn't possibly handle from vacation anyway even if she wanted to and then threw in the "oh yeah by the way" sentence that HR was going to be calling. Coward. My work environment is much like my life - high tension, drama-filled and consuming. If you cannot be quick thinking, detail-oriented and manage to calm everyone's ruffled feathers (usually over nothing) at crunch time, then you really do need to hit the road. I have never in the 25 years of working ever had a job that wasn't like that. Really. I'm a sucker for it I guess or it is just my niche. Whatever it is, I'm tired. Unfortunately, I'm about to get even more tired I guess.

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Looks like the kids had fun.