Oh man, we caved

When you have children you worry about their safety constantly. I'm having a difficult time in letting Diva explore her boundaries. I worry about her safety in public. The news is riddled with so many stories of abuse and stupid things tweens/teens are doing.

I worry about Boy Child but I worry about him in a different way since he is never anywhere without us. I worry about his safety because he does unsafe acts - like running without looking where he is going, like bolting out the front door and down the street, being too rough with other children - things of that nature. Not the same worry at this point in his life.

Girls you worry in a different manner for their safety. Diva is a good girl and she still has a conscience that slants to the guilt ridden side. If she did falter she would own up to it because it would eat at her until she told on herself. I'm thankful for that. I worry that she is not street smart enough to know when not to trust people. I've talked to her but she isn't exposed enough yet at this age to understand without me getting into graphic detail about what I mean.

She still plays with Barbies and the majority of her Internet interest is still the Build-a-Bear site and iCarly. She still is on the fence about Santa, even when we flat out told her the truth when she asked last year. She just refused to believe it, which suited us just fine. It's just way more fun when they believe - time enough for growing up later on those situations.

We have been debating on the cell phone issue for months now. There have been quite a few occasions where it would have been extremely helpful if she had a phone for us to call and or she to call us. Like camping with the Girl Scouts or softball practice or at after school program. So, today was the big day. We caved in and got her a cellphone. Oh how I may regret this but with school starting up and fall softball and after school bowling, I think it just may come in handy. I just hope she is responsible enough to take care of it. She has done very well with the iPod Santa brought her at Christmas and also with the Nintendo DS her aunt and pap pap bought her at Christmas also. Except for yesterday when Boy Child snapped it backward and broke it - but that's another story.

If anyone has any words of wisdom for us or horror stories I'd love to hear 'em!


Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

My kids ask all the time about their own cell phones. The jury is still out with us. There are many pros & cons. Let me know how things go with Diva.

Anonymous said...

My 9 year old is driving me bonkers for one...and I cannot get one for him and not one for the 6 year old. So the jury is still out on the phones...

Parenting Network said...

That's okay my boss got his child a phone while she was in 1st grade. I was like WHAT. But all his kids have phones