Where did I put that invisibility cloak anyway?

Did you ever wish you could become invisible? or be like a chameleon? You would think that they could have figured out how to make that invisibility cloak by now, right?

There are some days where that would be really very cool to do. Today, well today would be one of those days.

Boychild had his first ever dentist appointment. He worried about it for days. This morning he tried to convince me that he was sick and couldn't go. Oh yeah, I talked to him about it and Diva told him all about it and he would laugh and smile but it was that smile that you knew was just for show. I keep telling myself that I'm going to stop preparing him for events. We were told repeatedly via the wraparound services and psychologists that it was best to discuss the upcoming events and this way he could plan and prepare himself. We could tell him in advance repeatedly what our expectations were for him. I think that approach for Boychild is just a bunch of hooey. I think that he would be best if I just said hey get your shoes on we have someplace to go and just tell him when we get there.

We got to the dentist office and it was like he was a crackhead in search of his score. He was weaving in and out of the rooms stealth-like and non-stop chatter. It was like he owned the joint and they were his minions. Thankfully, there was only one other patient in the office at the time and that one was just finishing up. Everyone was catering to him but heck I couldn't keep up. Then when you tried to talk to him he would just scream at you. Sheeeesh, I tell you.

Then they decided that the best idea was to have Diva go first. Heck the poor girl didn't even have an appointment but she went along with it. She had a strange look on her face, like she had wished she had flossed that morning or something. He watched for a while then decided it was his turn. He didn't quite get that now he had to wait for his turn. So I had to hold him on my lap for a few minutes. He was like trying to put a greased pig in a barrel.

I wished I hadn't forgotten the camera and I wish I knew how to get the photos off of my phone so you all could see that he did in fact simmer down and had his cleaning and exam after all. I'm glad that there are no videos of me and Diva doing the funky dance of praise for Boychild while he waited the 1minute for the fluoride treatment.

Yep, invisibility cloaking would sure be nice some days.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like trips to the dentist around here too. If you find the invisibility cloak...tell me where to pick one up!

pra said...

Yes I would like to have that invisibility cloak too.And not only for the dentist visit... so many times I like to be invisible!