No, Not My Daughter

Were in the world does the time go? One minute I'm rocking and singing my baby to sleep at 2am and the next I'm calming down the new school jitters at 3am. Either way I guess I'm still tired. I want to scream to Father Time though to stop it, stop making time fly so fast. I cannot believe Diva is going to the 5th Grade.

Today marks the first day of school for Diva. This is not just any ordinary first day of school either. This is the first day of school at a NEW school and a PUBLIC school for that matter.

Gone are the uniforms that made life so easy. Here are the days of school clothes shopping for those clothes that are so in style and cool but yet don't cross the line to hussy. What an interesting experience it is to clothes shop with a tween girl! I don't wish it upon anyone.

Gone also is the class size of 13. She now has 48. So nice that she will have more than 9 girls in the grade to make friends with, and boy is she looking forward to that.

I'm more nervous for her than she is. I was tossing and turning all night. She came into my bed at 3am saying that she couldn't fall back asleep. So we talked of when I was in 5th Grade and we laughed and then she yawned and went to sleep. I love her so much. I worry that the parochial school she had attended won't be up to par academically to the public school and she will feel overwhelmed and be behind. I worry that her first day will be awful and she will dread returning. I worry that she will get on the wrong bus coming home. I just worry, she is a very sensitive girl. Silly to worry, I know.

Today also marks the first day of school with contact lenses. How excited she is for that. She has very large blue eyes and Dad had enough of her glasses. She likes the kind that are black or color plastic frames and he wants her to have the wire frames. It's not her and she knows it. So his compromise was to eliminate the glasses altogether and get her contacts. I was 16 when I was allowed contacts. Incredible how times have changed.

I cannot wait until she gets home, so she can tell me all about it!

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Kelly said...

I think she's adorable in her dark frames!