So What - It Was Great!

This post is a long time in coming. We have struggled for the last 3 years with Boy Child and his problems. I have been on a crusade for the last 11 months to get him placed in a school that will help him to get his emotional/behavior problems in check as well as foster his genius IQ so that he isn't bored.

It has been a tremendous strain emotionally for the entire family. We have had to even resort to putting him on a medicine. That was a very difficult decision to make for us and one that we still struggle with daily.

But the fight has been won and we were able to get Boy Child placed in the school that we feel will best help him right now. Our goal is not for him to stay there but rather for him to learn what is expected from him in school and the structure and rules for safety and then to migrate him back to our public school. Hopefully, that will unfold in a timely manner rather than be a lingering objective.

So today, when I put him on the school bus this morning, it will be with a joyful heart. I'm still sad to see that my baby boy is starting his journey toward leaving the nest, but I'm excited to see how he develops and starts to explore his personality on a new level.

UPDATE: Okay so the morning bus (supposedly)broke down and they were 40 minutes late. So what that he had to be restrained twice and was kicking, hitting, spitting and biting the teachers. Who cares that the afternoon bus was an hour late to get home. When you ask Boy Child how his first day of school was, his reply was "It was great, Mom!" I guess that is all that really counts for the first day of Kindergarten.

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