Fever and Boogers and Coughing ~ Oh My

On Wednesday I received a phone call from Boy Child's school that he had a fever. Poor little man, he was so pale and had dark circles under his eyes. When I got there he said "Mommy I'm so glad you came for me. I'm so happy to see you." So we made a pit stop to Rite Aid pharmacy to stock up on the Motrin, Tylenol, and Triaminic.

I've been wiping with Clorox wipes and spraying Lysol on everything.

On the second day he was quite sick with the fever and the usual cold symptoms of cough, stuffiness and headache. The fever was up to 102.5 and he says so quietly to me, "Mommy, I'm worried." I asked why he was worried and he replied, "I think I'm going to die, I feel so terrible." I assured him that his life has just begun and he was not going to die. He just had a virus and would feel better soon. Poor thing.

On Saturday, Diva started with the watery eyes and runny nose and feeling like poop. Then by the time Husband came home from work on Saturday he also was beginning a fever.

It has been such a wonderful 5 days of taking care of my family of sickos - literally. Poor things. As of Sunday morning Boy Child has had no fever. Diva is feeling a bit better. Husband is still suffering. NyQuil is his best friend right now. That and football.

I hope they remember how kind I've been when it finally hits me.

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