What a bugger.

We went to my brother's house this weekend to celebrate his birthday. We were very reluctant to go because of Boy Child and how most events always end up. Because we hadn't seen my brother since last Easter we decided it would be nice to go and watch the Steelers game with them.

Before we were out the door Boy Child had started his usual antics of hitting and pushing and hurting his sister. At one point Husband asked him why he had to always ruin everything.

As it turns out, Boy Child was fabulous. He was all "okay, mom" and played nicely and didn't hit or hurt anyone. We were so proud of him. It was an enjoyable family gathering for a change. So uplifting.

When we were getting ready to leave, however, Boy Child went up to his father and said "Dad, you owe me an apology. I DO NOT always ruin everything." Well, that sure made Husband feel awful. Boy Child was right and he did get his apology. When Husband told me of this, I just cried.

He is such a bugger, a smart one at that.

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Just Jenny said...

Hope your little boy is feeling better soon!!!