Ghouls Among Us

For my kids it seemed to take forever for Halloween to get here. For me, it snuck up on me way too fast. With sickness and my chaos at work with our Gala that took place in October I just never seemed to catch a gear and get it together. We never even carved our pumpkin. It looks like Mr. Pumpkin will now be my Thanksgiving decoration or end up being a snack for the deer.

It was exciting for me this year that my kids didn't want to be the pooh pooh baby stuff costumes. I've been waiting for them to come around to the ghoulish side of Halloween for years now. I hope the trend continues because next year I want to finally do the decorating in the manner this holiday deserves. Oh yeah, I know I'll have to ease into it but at least I now know my foot is in the door.

We had one vampire and and one zombie this year. Mom was pleased.

We headed back to our old stomping grounds to do the trick-or-treating this year, because we now live on a private drive that only has us and one other house. The kids were excited to see all the neighbors that we just adore. Dad was happy because the neighborhood it flat - no hills to climb. I was excited that I could sit with my friend and drink mango margaritas (strictly to keep warm I tell ya) and gossip and gawk at the great costumes all the kids had this year.

Boy Child was in rare form this year. We have never been prouder of his behavior. He was perfect. This was the first year he didn't attempt to enter everyone's houses, he didn't stop at all the mechanical decorations and try to figure out their inner workings, he didn't whine, pout or tantrum. This was a wonderful blessing. He was polite, engaging, had appropriate conversations with people and Husband said he was a joy to be with. Huhh? That, my friends, is something that has not been said in this house for a very long time. Thank you God.

Diva was excited to hang out with her friend from the old house. Unfortunately, she was disappointed in the level of enthusiasm from her friend. It was an awkward and slightly uncomfortable evening for her. I feel badly about that. It isn't like we've moved that far away but yet this girl acts as if we have moved across the state. Maybe it will work out, maybe it will fade away - time will tell.

As soon as I saw these fellas coming down the street, I knew Boy Child was going to freak out. He loves SuperMario and Luigi from the Wii games. No sooner did those words come out of my mouth did Boy Child spy them from the opposite end of the street and come running to them screaming their names - Mario, Luigi, Mario Luigi. How we all laughed. The boys were good sports and got a very big kick out of it. They even let me snap their photo with him.

As you can see, the evening was a huge success. The bounty was enormous. The kids had a blast.

...and I bet the dreams were sweet!

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