Global Warming - How I Love Thee

We've been having a new roof put on our house. This project was supposed to take place a month ago, but with the weekend weather for most of October being rainy and then the flu set in on the men who were doing the work (i.e. Husband and his friends) they didn't get started until recently.

It was cold on the weekend that they started but sunny. This weekend they planned to finish it up. What a glorious weekend it turned out to be.

Boy Child and Diva have been in their "I can't stand you" modes all week. They were bouncing off the walls and off of each other to the point of my shear exhaustion. I think I said "Stop Touching Her!!" eleventy-billion times. So finally, finally, by the grace of God, global warming decided to hover over Pittsburgh this weekend and give us the nicest two days.

I was able to take them to the park and they were able to bounce off some new kids and swing until they were exhausted, sweaty and sore. Tonight they can come home from school and go into the backyard and swing some more. Yeah me!

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Burgh Baby said...

It was incredibly gorgeous out this weekend. I wish we could have had just a few more days of it. It was sooooo nice being able to kick the kid outside.