Happier Times

This was the first holiday we hosted in our new house. Everything just fell right into place. The dinner was delicious, the house looked nice, husband and I only fought once during the day. We had apricot brandy slushes and so many desserts. Other than Boy Child being quite rambuncious for a good portion of the time when all the cousins arrived, the evening was very nice.

The cousins played those hand clapping games. I had forgotten those rhymes, it was nice to see that their generation still does that stuff.

Other cousins just chilled out and watched some TV.

Then other members of the family played a fun game of Tripoley. This is a very fun game that any age can play. We used to play this game every year on Thanksgiving at my parents house when I was growing up. I thought it might be nice to start doing it again.

I was right. Everyone really enjoyed playing it.

When the evening was over and everyone left, I felt very blessed that this year Husband and I were not over-stressed. This house, it suits us well. Last year we struggled to find the money to buy the turkey dinner but this year things are better. I feel as though we might just pull out of this money struggle after all. We have been given a new chance and so far we are embracing it, making smart choices and enjoying our family much more.

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