Help'n her spread the Christmas Crazy

I just saw and ad that said there was 48 days until Christmas. Oh my, I'm so behind schedule. I haven't even started the shopping for Thanksgiving. I certainly haven't started the Christmas shopping yet. We get a double whammy at Christmas because my nephew has his birthday on Christmas day and my Boy Child has his two days later. Not to mention that my dad's is then a week after that. Yikes! I really do need to get it in gear. My kids have been adding to their Santa list for months. It has been up on our refrigerator since summer. They were very careful during our move to be sure that list didn't get lost. Yeah, wonder how much of that stuff will actually make it under the tree.

Well, if you are kinda, almost done with your shopping then I'm very envious. If you might have some extra money left over you might want to stop by a really great blog so that you might be able to help out some kids have a happier Christmas than usual. If you read here you will find out what greatness she is putting together for some Pittsburgh kids.

Also, since it is Thanksgiving time and we should all reflect on all that we have to be thankful for and if your family likes to do something special for those who need some extra help during the Christmas season and you want to bring a smile to some families ~ then I encourage you to stop by her site.

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