Going back to work doesn't sound all that bad right now.

The Christmas chaos is over. The house is still in disarray, but maintains a rather comfy feel to it.  We had such a good time with friends and family over the last 4 days. It was hard for Husband to get back to work.  Me - well, I'm off until the new year.  Yeah! 

This year the holiday was the same as every holiday.  We always seem to be scrounging for money and trying to find the last few bucks to pay for the the food and such.  Very tiring.  It really does get old.   But Husband manages to find a way to get everything taken care of. I just wish that in this new year we can find a way to not include that type of stress each and every week. 

Boy Child turned 6 yesterday! It is truly amazing how fast children grow. While we were snuggling on the couch he said he wanted to stay little forever - at that moment I truly wished that too. My Diva is such a big girl now and it is so hard to watch as I lose my baby boy too.  I know, I know there are so many more milestones and more fun ahead but once they start to transition into the next phase it is always so rough. Thank goodness my kids are both huggers. I hope they never lose that quality about them. I really enjoy my hugs. 

Today though, poor Diva woke up at 5am. She was standing over me saying she needs to throw-up.  Good God, why can't children just go throw-up and then come tell me that they did.  Why put so much drama onto a just waking person that they may be wearing puke any second.  Thankfully, it wasn't my day to enjoy that fashion statement.  The poor dear seems to be coming around now though - about 8 hours later.  Let's spin the wheel and see who in the house will be next! 


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Burgh Baby said...

Ugh! I hope y'all manage to dodge the puking and such. That's no way to spend your time off.