Mayhem and Song

Recently, I spent the day at my son's school.  Mostly for IEP and progress meetings but also for their annual holiday music show.  Being new to this school, I had no idea what to expect.

In the course of my meetings I came to find out that everyone adores my son.  That is no surprise for me as he is quite the charmer and negotiator.  He gets those traits from his dad most definitely.  I also found out that he is doing quite well at this school and his on tract in his behavior.  Good news!

As everyone knows, Boy Child is in a school that is for those children that have autism or have severe behavior delays that impede their learning ability. This is a miracle school.  These people who work there should be on the list for sainthood - i'm just say'n.

Because it was santa shopping day and holiday music show day, this place was mayhem. The kids were bouncing off the walls.  Keep in mind though that these aren't your usual elementary school kids - these kids are bouncing off the walls on normal days, so imagine this day!  Quite exhausting.

When the kids were ushered into the room their faces lit up to see their family members there to watch them sing. My son came running to give me a big hug and I could see him telling everyone and pointing me out to all the kids around him. He was pleased.

It was such a lovely music show. The kids were very proud of themselves.  There was so much fidgeting and over zealeous singing that I just sat there with a smile and chuckling to myself seeing them all do their best and then some.

Then this same evening we had Diva's school chorus show. Quite the difference. It is amazing to go from one extreme to the next.  It makes a person so much more aware of how fragile life really is.  Diva is an excellent singer but I have to say these kids in her group were not over zealous they almost looked bored.  Really, every one of them looked like they were thinking of a million other places they would rather be. I wish that I could have taken them with me to Boy Child's school so that they could understand the gifts they have and how some children do not take those gifts for granted - they have to work very hard at just the everyday things in life.

The kids sang great and I was proud of both of them this day.

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