The Thrill of the Hunt

Yeah, I know, but hey hunting gets Husband out of the house for three days. You have to love any sport that does that, right?

I'm sorry, but the tongue sticking out just cracks me up non-stop. I don't know why, it just cartoonizes (yeah, it is a word, yo) the whole shot.

The kids were all, eewwww but in a it's kinda cool way.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to cook this meat. So, I'm asking for some help here. Please leave me a comment or email me recipes. I'm gonna have a freezer full of meat that I know nothing of how to cook.


Trish said...

Love this! I have similar photos of me and my father like this. Deer meat is delish! Make sure you get some roasts, ground meat, tenderloins...oh the possibilities of meals are endless!

Accidental Expert said...

Great pics. My son is absolutely obsessed with hunting. Too bad hubby isn't. No three day breaks for me.