I should know this but maybe I'm using my selective memory loss

I have a baby shower to attend next weekend. It's for my cousin, they are expecting a boy. A young couple who were recently married last year.  Sweet kids.

Since I've been out of the baby needs department for a few years now, I was curious as to what mother's today deem as their necessity of life.  What are the top 3 items that you cannot or could not have gotten along without? 

For me it was the swing, the exersaucer thing and Butt Paste.

I don't want to just wander around Babies 'R Us or Target without a mission.  I think all things baby are adorable, so help me narrow down my search.

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Mr Lady said...

WIth my last kid, we got this blanket thing with velcro called a Roo Wrap or something that insto-swaddled your baby. It changed our LIFE.

Have fun!