It's not just fun and games

With the weather being way too cold for playing in the snow and the fact that I am spending the majority of the holiday break cleaning up puke (yep, yet again last night), there have been a lot of games played in our house over the last week. 
Games like air hockey, Wii games like Rabbids Go Home - Sports Resorts - My Sims Kingdom.  Then there was classics of Guess Who, Life and Monopoly.

This was great family fun for me.  When I was young and we always seemed to have power failure due to bad weather, we used to sit around the table with a Coleman lantern and play board games. Great memories.

It's even more fun when you whoop the Husband who has bragged about the fact that "no one can beat me at Monopoly - I never lose".  What's better than that? 

Oh - let me tell you -- it's when you get the Family Game Night Championship Trophey!  Which I have retained for 2 nights in a row -

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