Lice Lice Baby

Yep, it is certain.  If you have never experienced lice infestation, you have not lived a full life. 

Four years ago Diva had lice.  Not the oh look there is a nit on her hair, lice; but rather the oh my EFFING God there are bugs on my kids head, lice!  She had started a new daycare and this daycare had a pool.  So when she started complaining that she was itchy I looked at her head saw nothing and blamed it on the chlorine her body wasn't used to.  A week later I took her to the doctors and they saw nothing.  Three days later there were bugs crawling on my 6 year old's head! Disgusting looking, will not die, egg laying bugs on my kids head. So I did what every well-intentioned mother did and had a nervous breakdown right on the spot.

Seriously, we spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter remedies. We tried the all natural crap remedies.  I put more toxic waste on my child's head than any human should see in a lifetime.  I vacuumed, sprayed, washed, dried, and detoxed my entire house - twice a day!  I spent over an hour every day inspecting one inch square sections of Diva's head for eggs and such.  We both would cry.  I really didn't think I was gonna make it.  Everyone gave me advice - from mayonaise to tea tree oil to olive oil - they only kill the bug.  It was taxing on both of us.  Then finally I called the doctors and told them that I cannot stop the lice, they gave me a prescription for the best known remedy for head lice there is. 

The clouds parted, I heard the angels sing and I praised God for giving humans the knowledge to make the wonderful, lovely, and awfully smelly - Ovide.  This stuff is alcohol, some sort of a terpentine mixture and pine tree oil.  It can take paint off the walls I bet.  It cost $169 without insurance. But guess what - it is the only thing that worked in actually melting those dasterdly eggs.  Folks, if you miss an egg it will be a bug and I swear those bugs start laying eggs the minute they hatch (not true I know) and so on and so on and so on and so get the picture.

So, when I received a phone call today from one of Diva's BFF's mom telling me that they found lice bugs (yep plural) on their daughter I instantly snapped back to 4 years ago and felt the blood rush out of my body.  Then I find out the Diva's BFF #2 just found bugs (again plural) on her head after receiving the same phone call from BFF#1.  I checked Diva - she does not have the bugs - but she did have some eggs which means there could be baby bugs I cannot see but she isn't itchy. 

I by-passed the entire scenario from my flashback and called Walgreens Pharmacy and their Take Care Clinic.  Do you have Ovide, how much will it cost me?  Can you write me a prescription today?  I am melting lice eggs on Diva as she sleeps. 

What is upsetting me though is that the schools keep this info hush hush. There needs to be a note sent home to all parents that a child has lice please inspect your kids and take the proper action. Wouldn't that be more helpful than letting more and more kids get it?  BFF #1 says there are 2 girls she knows in the 5th grade with lice.  What the!  I should have been informed, the BFF's should have been informed.

I'm still scratching.   Eeeeewwww!

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Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

Good luck with everything. I speak with much experience on lice. I was a school nurse for a few years & it was on ongoing thing. Lice is not harmful but a BIG PAIN in the butt. As a parent, I would be mad that I was not notified. Did the school nurse check the classroom for other culprits? I did. Our school always sent a notice home to the classes that were affected.
What is the districts policy on returning to school? Ours has a nit free one. If I had a penny for each time a student tried to return & I found a nit, I would be rich. Just keep checking her head. Good luck!