Did Someone Say Snow? What Snow?

We had a little snow event the other day. They were calling for 8-10 inches. They were wrong. We measured - we had 26 inches in our neck of the woods.

The plus side is that we never lost power so our heat stayed on.  If we were at our old home, they lost power.  The snow came up to the top of my thighs.

Poor husband can barely walk because of his hip pain and now his back is out because he has been trying to walk with the bad hip.  He and I tried to dig ourselves out yesterday. We didn't have any luck - just too much snow.  We were successful, and by we I mean he because he suffered greatly, and were able to get the cars dug out and a path from the front door to the garage done.  My neighbor who lives up the driveway from us, who is about 70-73 years old, shoveled herself a path from her house down the driveway to the street just to see if the mail came. I was so fearful she was going to collapse.  I kept telling her to go back inside but she is tough.

Today we have someone coming to try and plow us out. Diva and Husband dug out the end of the driveway from the mountain of ice/snow that the plows left behind and dug out the cars some more so we could move them out of the way once the plow moves some of the snow from the driveway first. Diva was exhausted.

Boy Child found his own way of helping.  He stayed out of the way and settled in for some movies.
He'll probably do more of the same with a little Wii thrown into it since we've already been notified that school is cancelled for tomorrow - go figure.

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Burgh Baby said...

Part of the reason I don't mind shoveling AT ALL is that I know how much worse it is for some people. We kept our electricity through nearly the whole storm and we're plenty young enough to kick some snow ass. I feel for those who had it much worse. :(