Do they mean useless information but are just being polite?

I've always secretly liked going to school. I've always liked the way there was order amongst chaos at school. I loved getting the books and notebooks and pencils.  I liked sitting at my desk. The year you were allowed to use a pen, wow, that was so huge. I liked the plays and the concert practices. In junior high it was different - there was more chaos and less order in my world.  Everything was getting mixed up and strange new stuff was begining to creep into my oddly organized life. I had alot of smiles but there was also some not so much smiling times as well.  In high school I still liked it. There were so many new avenues to cross and way more kids to meet, hate and date.  But still it was the learning and actual school work that I enjoyed. I could be a professional student - if college were free that is - I just love taking classes. Sometimes I sit and think about what course I would've taken in my education if I hadn't been so stupid back then and chose not to go to college.

Another grading period is over in the elementary school world.

Diva has improved so much - she came home with 4 A's and 2 B's. We are very proud of her. She always takes a grading period to get back into the swing of things.  She is usually so engrossed in the social aspect of school during the first grading period that she forgets it is school and not summer camp. Also, she is NOT a morning person and the change over from summer time to school time is a bit of a challenge for her. Changing school districts was the best thing we could've done for her, I wish we had done it sooner.

Boy Child hasn't gotten his report card yet.  His school mails them home. They did, however, have the awards ceremony at school the other day.  It is all about positive reinforcement at his school so the awards ceremony is huge to these kids.  He came home with another ribbon for High Honor Roll and one for perfect attendance.  These are again something we are very proud of him for.  However, he also came home with another award.  A gold-sealed certificate that states he is "The King of Useful Knowledge".  I'm not really sure how to perceive this one - I think I'll just accept it for what it says.


Accidental Expert said...

I bet you're really proud of your kids. Way to go!

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

How great! How is your hubby?