The F Bomb

Once upon a time I had a baby girl.  That baby girl was the pride and joy of our little family. Mom and baby girl went everywhere together.  Baby girl and mom would spend hours playing, reading, dancing, you name it. I have mega video footage to prove it.  Then baby girl decided she wanted a brother or sister.  She used to pray to God to bring her a brother or sister. Mom tried to ignore the baby girl's heartache, for purely selfish reasons, until she could take it no more. Along came a baby boy. This was not exactly what baby girl had in mind. Baby boy was very very high maintenance.  Life was not at all as anyone thought it would be.  Baby girl turned into Diva before our very eyes. Diva has style, sass, and drama. Oh so much drama.  Diva wears her heart on her sleeve and cares deeply for others.  Diva is a very good girl, she always wants to do the right thing and have others around her do the right thing. She is a stickler for rules and order. 

Diva brought home an F on a test yesterday. She agonized over this the entire school day. When I picked her up from band practice I could see something was amiss.  She said she needed to talk to me about something and was trying not to cry.  Poor baby.  We talked on the way home and then she was afraid to face Dad. Dad handled it well with her and today everything is fine. 

I drove to work thinking back to when I was in 5th Grade.  Funny thing though, I was never afraid to bring home my grades. My mom never really seemed to care all that much about them.  Yeah, I had to stay in the dining room and do my homework until it was done even if it was all night but other than that, either I just don't remember or test grades really were never a huge deal.  It was the report card that they cared about - the end result. 

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Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

Kids have to learn so much more today compared to us. They are so pressured today with PSSA's. Pressured by the teachers & administration.