Girl Gone Wild?

If there is one thing that is certain in life, it is that my Diva is a sweet girl.  She may have sass but she is through and through a good girl.  If she does something that may be remotely taken as wrong or bad her conscience overtakes her and she has a meltdown about it.  She will beat herself up more than the punishment could ever render.

So when she told me this story about how she was called to the Principal's office and was written up for bullying, I just knew there had to be more to the story.  Diva is not a bully - Boy Child, now him I could believe being written up for bullying. If you've been a reader of my blog, then you know that he has.

I spoke to Diva and got her side of the story.  She then told me the story that the boy in question told to the Principal.  Yep, I said "boy".  What 5th grade boy would go to the principal and report that a girl was bullying him?  That was another moment of something just doesn't add up. 

When I asked Diva why she just agreed to sign the bullying write-up and let it be placed in her school record, she replied that it was just easier to agree and get back to class.  The girl doesn't like confrontation, again she is no bully.  I'm not saying that Diva is perfect and is not capable of perhaps being a bit mean to other kids (like any child) but she would never intentionally tease or bully another kid.  She is way too sensitive for that.

So okay, I had to turn into one of those moms that have to call the school.  I didn't want to but had to because Diva has to learn that there is a difference between bullying and just having a disagreement with someone during a conversation and so does the boy in question. 

My goodness if kids are being taught that they cannot have a debate or disagreement about things without getting in trouble, then we as a Nation are in deep trouble.  I'm all for no bullying but if the schools are not going to be clear in their definition about what exactly is bullying to these kids then they are just going to have a school filled with tattle-talers and whiners.  Kids need to also learn to stick up for themselves and also to know that expressing their own opinion is okay - you just cannot cram it down someone's throat if they disagree.  This Nation was created because the inhabitants disagreed and therefore stuck up for themselves.

In the end the Principal called the kids back into her office and asked Diva to tell her side of the story. She apologized to Diva, destroyed the bullying write up, and discussed the importance of making sure that the Principal has all the facts involved with a situation so that there will be a fair outcome for all involved.  The boy got in trouble for only telling part of the story so that it would incriminate Diva.

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