Date Night, Pens Win, Mother's Day - Need I say more?

I'm not going to talk about Mother's Day.  Although, for the record, I miss my mom alot and I love my kids to death.  I really am so thankful that I was blessed with them. I cannot imagine my life without them.  There are so many women who have either wanted a child and couldn't have one or who have to endure life with the loss of their child/children - I cannot even imagine. But I also have to say that Mother's Day the holiday is always blah to me. In our house it seems that it is always an afterthought.  You know, there is no sort of preperation for the day.  It's always the day before and I'm asked what I want or what do I want to do for Mother's Day or go buy yourself something or here are some flowers that were just purchased on Mother's Day.  I love my family but it would be nice if just once there was maybe some planning involved to the day to actually make me feel special.  Okay, so enough about that. Wha Wha Wha.

The fun news is that Husband and I actually went out on a date last night.  (I'm guessing that we will call this my Mother's Day present - even though it was my idea and I actually bought the tickets.)  We went to the Improv and saw Dave Attell.  We actually found a sitter and got the heck out like grown-ups - whooo hooo!  The evening was perfect.  We went to Rock Bottom for dinner, drinks and of course THE PENGUIN GAME.  The meal was perfect, my husband was handsome, the raspberry margaritas were wonderful and the PENS WON! What more could you ask for?  Then we walked across the street to the Improv and the show was hysterical! I might just have to do something like that again.  Hmmm, our anniversary is coming up at the end of the month.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there! Now go take a nap (remember those?)! :)


Getrealmommy said...

Mother's day is a big deal. You SHOULD be treated like a queen! BOO!

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

I know what you mean. At my house on Saturday it was,"do you want a pizza tonight or would you rather wait till tomorrow?" Does sound like you had a great night out though, there is nothing like getting to be a grown up sometimes!

I'm a little worried because a raspberry margarita just sounds heavenly right now and I'm writing this at 9 am on a Tuesday.

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

Good for you. I wish I could find a sitter.