Long Distance Chemistry

Boy Child is easily bored.  It is not that his attention span is short, not really.  The problem is that this kid has extreme intelligence and when he has mastered something, he merely has to move on.  Most things his age just simply bore him.

So when he has shown such progress at school and home with his behavior and aggression, we promised him a reward.  His reward of choice was a Chemistry Set.  Not just your usual kind for a Kindergarten student but...and I quote..."no candy making, slime making, toys - a real kit with real chemicals." 

We found a kit that had "real chemicals" and we did 3 real experiments already.  He is now afraid of the chemicals because the kid can read the experiment book and knows what all the caution symbols and warnings mean. He loved the experiments - but from 6 feet away.  He then said to me "Mom, maybe making slime would be cool."


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

That is funny, smart kid! My youngest loved her chemistry set but I had to watch her because she kept asking, "what really would happen if I did that?" I was afraid she would try to find out. Cautious mixed with curiosity is a Good Thing!

Cheryl D. said...

Love it! Our kids would get along great. I was at a meeting at my kindergartner's school yesterday and my daughter was bored to tears. They had some books and workbooks, so I dug up an Arthur workbook for her. She refused to even open it because it said it was for Grade 2 on the cover. I rolled my eyes and said, "It's fine, you'd still like it, but she refused!" LOL!