Bieber Begging Begins

It has become official.  My daughter can start the craziness of what can she do for us to deserve Justin Bieber concert tickets. 

To be honest, she doesn't have to do anything.  We love her, and if we can get tickets for her we will.  It will be her birthday present or Christmas present, but heck why not let a kid be a kid. I don't think there is a single mom out there who can say they didn't have their Justin Bieber of their generation.  So, I'm going to actively seek any all folks that have connections in the music biz, Consol Engery Center employees and/or Ticketmaster so see if I can purchase good seats to the show.  Yes, I will also be calling the radio stations during their giveaways because my Diva has a lot of friends that will want to go also and if I can spread the joy with free tickets, I will. 

This is the scene in Diva's room.  If you notice it is mostly Justin Bieber and Twilight. Yes, she is anxiously awaiting the opening of Eclipse too, if you are wondering. She has also written a poem about Justin Bieber as an essay assignment for school which was accepted to be published in  A Celebration of Poets


For me it was Andy Gibb. To answer the question I know you are asking yourself - yes, my parents did buy me tickets for my birthday present when I was in the 6th grade to see Andy Gibb.  That was my first concert ever.  I hated every minute of it, he was so boring live on stage.  The most enjoyable moment was when his tennis shoe flew off in the middle of a song.  There was always someone who was the craze that the adults just wanted to cover their ears and yell "la la la la la la" everytime someone droned on and on about them - Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Donny Osmond, New Kids on the Block, Ozzy Osbourne, Bruce Springstein, Bon Jovi, etc. I'm not too old to remember how exciting it was to see my favorite band live on stage.  The world felt a little smaller then and the band seemed more like just regular and real people doing something they love to do.

If you've hung out with me on this blog long enough you know that we have endured Hannah Montana and the bothers.  So if Justin Bieber is next on the list so be it. She'll only be a kid once. Memories last a lifetime.  I do have to say though that the Jonas Brothers concert at Starlake (or whatever name they call themselves this year) was THE LOUDEST concert I've ever heard.  Not the music but the SCREAMING.  It was an outdoor event and I truly did not expect to have to COVER MY EARS like a grandma.  It was insane but hysterical. 

If we get tickets to Justin Bieber, here's to hoping I remember my ear plugs.

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