Out with the old - In with the new

We have had our little friend for about 8 years now.  It has been good to us.  But lately it's warmth has been diminishing. Ever try cooking a meal for 4 on a 5 inch round section of flame?  No small task but Husband has been attempting this for months now. 

Finally, he has caved.  Spending lots of mooolah on a grill is not something Husband is fond of.  So when he spied this little baby with the big dent in the hood and a missing knob he was all over negotiating a sale price like white on rice. 

Once the 60% sale price was secured and this grill was in our yard, the dent was pushed out and a recycled knob from ole faithful was installed, Husband was all sorts of happy!


Burgh Baby said...

THAT is how it's done. Congrats on the new (and fabulously priced) grill!

TSanticola said...

The Grill Masters should be very pleases with his new tool. Happy grilling. The Funns