A Winning Afternoon with The Diva

First let me start this post by saying that I was not given this prize in exchange for this post or anything else. I won this prize fair and square from the appropriate contest entry. Neither the radio station nor any company affiliated with the prize spoken about are expecting me to write any of these comments in any review forums. I am only posting about the prize on my review/giveaway website because I fear the Ad Gods on this website and didn't want them to spank me anymore - it hurts.
I was contacted by a local radio station via an email telling me that I had won one of their member's only contests. I was so excited to have won something. As everyone knows - I love free stuff! Even more excited was Diva because this meant we had to drive to the radio station and pick up the prize. Diva wanted autographs of the radio DJ's. How cute is that? Being a mom who doesn't want to disappoint I emailed the DJ that would be on air during the time we would be arriving and asked her if Diva could meet her an/or get to come into the studio and see it. Diva thinks that a radio DJ career will get her foot in the door to her aspiring singing career so she wanted to see what the studio would look like. The DJ on air at the time of our arrival said that she could possibly meet us but that Diva wouldn't be allowed back in the studio. Big bummer for Diva but she was still excited to meet a radio DJ.  I planned the timing of this carefully, as I really dislike one of the members of this radio station's morning show and was disgusted when they hired him after his old radio station changed format. I have found an extreme love for the other morning show on a different station.  Back when I was working, I listened to "the other morning show" in the morning then I would switch to this local radio station because they played way fewer repeats during the work day.

We plugged in the address of the radio station into my lovely, lovely new best friend, Mr. TomTom. As usual he got me there with no worries. I am really digging my new found strength when it comes to finding my way around this place I've lived in for 44 years. I have driven to more places (2) out of my comfort zone in this past month of being a new SAHM than I have in 28 years of driving. Woo Hoo!

I handed Diva the camera for our ride and unfortunately, this was the best she came up with:

When we arrived I pick up my prize and asked the receptionist, Nadine, if she would call  into the DJ on air because she said she might be able to meet with us and she said no.  Boo, Nadine, Boo. So I went outside the doors of their office and called her myself from my cell phone. 

She was the sweetest person and said she would be right out. 

She even gave Diva an autograph - too cute!

If you want to see what prize I did win you will have to head over here.  Sorry, but again, blame the Ad Gods.


the Provident Woman said...

Congrats on winning a prize.

kathy said...

Wow! Congrats, Its good to hear that you have won a prize.