Remember when you were young and all that really mattered in life was playing and having a friend to play with.  It didn't matter if it was a new friend or an old friend it was a playmate. Learning to socialize is a major part of growing up. A skill that really is important to master.

My son is the most outgoing child there is.  Most adults chuckle at him because they say he will be a politician (God forbid) when he grows up.  He is not shy and will speak with anyone.  (Yeah, we are working on the stranger danger thing.)  He has the manners of a prince.  He especially loves the ladies and believe me they love him. 

The problem is that he has a hard time actually "making friends".  At almost 7 his mind is going quite a bit ahead of the rest of the 7 year olds and it is hard for him at times to bring himself down to their level so they will understand where he is coming from.  On the flip side though he hasn't had much interaction with "friends" so he lacks the understanding of personal space and listening skills.  So he either comes across as too aggressive with his actions or overbearing with his constant talking.  He just gets so excited that someone his age is playing with him that he ends up scaring them off.  We are working on this.

As a mom it is heartbreaking to hear your child say almost everyday that maybe this year he will make a friend.  We have signed him up for bowling this year and are trying to find a Cub Scout pack in our area to sign him up for also.  He also starts CCD classes once a week this Fall and I'm hoping that with the weekly interaction with the same group of kids he might (fingers crossed) just find a friend.

We recently invited a boy over for a party.  This boy, his mom and his sister came over to our house for a fun-filled afternoon.  My son was so excited he was counting the minutes to their arrival.  When they arrived he said hello and asked him how the family was.  What a hoot!  The two boys played for hours together.  They played with action toys and then went up to my son's room to play on the computer and more toys and then headed outside to pretend play something Sonic the Hedgehog related. 

It was such an exciting experience for me to watch them play.  I don't think that most moms would even give it a second thought but for me it was like the Heavens parted and the Angels sang and the sunbeams were shining down on our backyard at that moment. He was playing and laughing and actually having fun with another child - for hours!

When it was time for them to leave, both boys were disappointed.  BOTH!  They hugged each other good-bye and promised to arrange another play-date soon.  The best part of the day was later on when my son looked up at me and said "I have a friend!"  The sheer joy on his face that he finally succeeded was too much for me - heartbreaking but yet full-filling.

Good job buddy - you did it!


Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

How wonderful;)

Burgh Baby said...

Hopefully bowling and the Boy Scouts will help him get more time to work on developing relationships. Sounds like he has all the skills, just needs the right situations!

Anonymous said...

That is the most heart-warming story I have had the pleasure of reading in a LONG time Mia! Congratulations to your little man, that is such wonderful news that he's made a friend and had such a good time!

Elizabeth said...

That is awesome! Anyways, it was pleasure reading your post! Thanks for the share!