Fearless Fun

Recently we had a family day out.  My husband actually took the day off from work on a weekday and we took the kids to Kennywood.  If you are not a local then you do not know that this is the park where all the schools go for their school picnic day.  It was not a good weather day on our school's picnic day and Boy Child was still in school on that date - so we didn't go then. 

The last time we were at Kennywood as a family was back when Boy Child was still in diapers and a stroller.  He doesn't remember a thing.  This year he was tall enough to ride every ride in the park except three.  To say he was excited would be an understatement.  Diva was told she could bring a friend this year to ride with.  We even let her friend sleep over the night before, so to say that Diva was excited would be just plain ridiculous. 

The weather was perfect, the park was not over crowded and we all had the best day ever! 

Boy Child even rode the Phantom's Revenge - here is a clip of them as they exit the ride.  

Ummmm, I'd say he loved it!  He will be 7 this year and Diva will be 11.  It was her first time to ride this coaster too.  He's a bit fearless, I'd say.