The day that I ruined a perfectly wonderful birthday

Yesterday was my Diva's 11th birthday.  We had a party for her with her friends before school started.  I got her EVERYTHING she wanted for the party.  I figured it would be the last kid party she would want to have since she will be in Jr. High next year and all.

See if you can guess the theme!

We had cake! Musical beach towels and Limbo!

We had sand art!
We had Twister!
We even had hula hoop contests and a dress up dash game.

Even though it was supposed to be a backyard beach birthday in our swimming pool - but it was the one day that it rained in the last 80 bazillion days - the kids all had a blast.

Yesterday, she took 2 dozen donuts to school for a birthday treat, her brother and I decorated the house for her birthday with balloons and table coverings, we bought her a chocolate chip cookie cake at the best bakery ever and had her cousins and aunt/uncle over for dessert.  Husband even left work early (and that is a miracle in itself) to cook her favorite meal (steak). 

When it was all over and the kids were going to bed guess what.  She told me that this was the worst birthday ever.  Want to know why? 

It was because I won't let her wear a pair of basketball shorts to school the next day.  I hate those shorts on girls - they are so ugly unless you are playing a sport or practicing your sport.  These particular ones she wanted to wear are actually boys shorts so they are even less attractive on her than ones for girls.  She looks so dumpy in them and they are dingy.  The answer was NO.

So, I managed some how to ruin her birthday and make it the worst birthday ever.  Go figure.

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