I roamed with monsters

The day had finally come! I had a day out without the kids or husband - yippee!  I went to the Lady Gaga - Monster Ball here in Pittsburgh.

Everywhere you looked there were "monsters".  It was fun to look at the folks dressed to impress Ms. Gaga.  Oh, if I were 20 years younger I may have joined in that fun fest.  Although there were folks in there late 60's dressed to the hilt!  Hysterical.

You can say a lot of things about Lady Gaga - alot.  I could write alot too about my entire concert experience but I won't.  There is one thing that is undeniable though.  This chick can sing.  She has an absolutely amazing voice. She was a billion times better live than any recording.  I was blown away. 

Oh and to the parents that brought their elementary school aged children to this concert --- shame on you.  This was NOT Hannah Montana and you should have known better than to bring child that young to this venue.  No lie, there were kids there as young as 6.  Diva is 11 and this was not a concert for her to be at.  The kiddos got quite an education and an awful lot of questions I'm sure after that night.

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SoccerMom said...

That is just wrong. Some concerts are definately not ment for young kids.

I dont know that I personally would of gone to Lady Gaga. Just not my type of music, but I bet just people watching would of been worth it.

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