The Morning Flower

In the morning I wait at the bus stop with Boy Child and Diva.  Boy Child's bus is a full 30 minutes earlier than Diva's so it is just he and I waiting.  We always check the temperature.  To do this we see if we can see our breath or not.  Then we have to check the mailbox (even though I explain that I've already gotten the mail).  Next he always (I do mean always) picks me a flower for my hair.  It is always the one pictured above.  He must place it in my hair, not me. Also, I always have to get a kiss and hug from him before he will get on that bus - his rules.

I hope that over the years I will never ever forget about the days of receiving my morning flower.


Burgh Baby said...

That is a fantastic morning ritual. LOVE.

(P.S. It's Queen Anne's Lace, or at least that's what I know it as. It's one of Alexis' favorites to pick as well.)

Anonymous said...

I love that, too. I have a ritual with my son also, but it's a bed time one. 10 kisses per cheek, 10 on the forhead, one on the nose, and one real one. And believe me, the world would come to an end if he doesn't get that. I've seen it happen.