My interpretation and yours may not see eye-to-eye

For some these are the sights of freedom from the constant "What is there to do" and "I'm bored" sounds heard over summer.
For others it is the sight of freedom of not having to deal with the constant upkeep of summertime gadgets and toys and high electric bills.
Still yet for many these are the sights of trading the lawnmower for the leaf blower and getting the snow thrower serviced so it can stand ready.
For me it represents another new beginning. 

For the first time I won't have to worry about school delays and/or cancellations and what my boss will say when I have to call off or be late or leave early for a sick child.  I won't have to worry about driving in the weather and getting to the daycare on time with the traffic.  I can start Christmas shopping early, I can start baking more, I can exercise, I can be more organized.
The possibilities are endless!

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Burgh Baby said...

Enjoy your new-found freedom!