White Flag

I may just surrender before I begin. 

My kids have begun their Christmas list.  I should say that they actually began the list months ago and have just been adding to it over the weeks.  The list is long, however, some of the items on the list are garbage and Santa knows that these items better not be found under the tree.  Seriously.

Boy Child's list consists of only Wii and DS games and then a long string of "as seen on TV" items from every single commercial he has seen.  Literally, from Orbeez to EZ Cracker it is on my son's list. 

Diva wants a digital camera, anything Justin Bieber (mostly to meet him or get an autograph when he comes to town in December for his concert that we will be attending - thank.you.very.much), anything with piggies on it, or gift cards (iTunes, Aeropostale, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, 5Below, Old Navy, etc.).  She doesn't like people to give her clothes because she prefers to try them on.  Every year we take back almost everything that she is given for Christmas that pertain to clothes.  Anyone with a Tween knows what I'm talking about - it's too pinchy, scratchy, ugly, long, short, girly, boyish, ect. - Annoying.  I'm thinking that I could actually go into her room and pick anything off the floor and wrap it up and she most likely wouldn't even know it. 

Most of us have a budget for what we will spend per child for Christmas.  Some of you lucky folks might not.  How do you keep to a budget when the items on the list each cost between $40 to $50?  How do you wrap up a gift card and place it under the tree so that it looks like you actually got presents to open? 

I'm open for suggestions people - else I may just wrap up a wad of cash and tell them Santa couldn't decide, have fun shopping.

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