Thankful that some folks get crazy this time of year

I sit here thinking about all the chores I should be doing. I think about the organizing I expected to have done by now. I think about the exercising I promised myself that I’d do. I think about the Christmas shopping that hasn’t begun.

Then I think about the past Christmases. I remember all those years of not having the money to buy presents until maybe 2 weeks before Christmas and that was even while choosing which bill to not pay in order to do that and how I was so thankful that my kids were way too young to realize that they weren’t getting that much or that some of the things they did get were used. I remember 2 years ago someone knocked on my door, my son answered it, a teen girl handed my son two bags of wrapped presents and told him that Santa asked her to drop these off. I still do not know who did that. I asked God to bless them though, whoever they were. I remember a family of our parish anonymously paid the balance of my daughter’s tuition so that she could finish the year out at the private school. I’m so very thankful that this year isn’t nearly as stressful as the ones past. I’m thankful that we have had a new beginning, a nice home, our health and my husband‘s business is doing well. I’m thankful that our bills are paid and I’m not even working anymore. It’s not without stress, but it is so much less stressful than we are used to.

I hope that with the beginning of the holiday season everyone can reflect on what they are thankful for and maybe take a moment to think about those that are not as fortunate. Once again, there is a well-known blogger here in the ‘Burgh that does just that. She not only thinks about those less fortunate but she makes a commitment to help them. If you would like to help the kids in Pittsburgh have a better holiday than they would normally have then read about how to do this here - you'll be glad you did and the kids will be even happier.

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Burgh Baby said...

You? Are AMAZING! Thank you!