Is there a cure for Bieber Fever?

So long to wait, so long to wait, so long to wait. 
Tickets went on sale in June folks. It has been so long to wait when you are 11.
Finally the day had arrived! 
No snow was gonna stop us! It didin't even stop the Limo! 
But I'm sure you've already read all about our limo experience over here.

 Diva is trying to not explode with the excitement!
But Sean Kingston was on stage so that helped in a big way!
Justin travelled out over the audience in this heart!

Of course he wore the white outfit w/ the purple hat & shoes!

Apparently Justin doesn't realize the effect of the Terrible Towel in Pittsburgh.  He had tossed a guitar pick and a scarf into the audience that night - no fighting.  A Terrible Towel goes into the crowd and it's a show stopper!

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