This morning I got tired of hearing my own voice - I can only imagine how the others felt.

Today was the Christmas party day at Boy Child's bowling. No one ever misses this event because the free slice of pizza and free soft drink is oh so worth the insanity that fills the alley for 2 hours. Let us not forget though that Santa does make his appearance.

Today the chaos was ever so deafening and not just with the children the parents were acting up as well.  I even heard one parent use the F word in a very loud angry voice.

I spent from 9am until 11:30am switching between the yelps of: "Good Job", "Stop Touching", "Nice Try", "Stop Touching", "You'll get 'em next ball", "Get off of the floor" - well you get the picture. Non-stop correcting. That's when the mood of Boy Child changes from I'm just joining in with the chaos to OMG I'm totally sucking up the joint with my bowling and am starting to lose my cool phase. 

Diva looked up from her cell phone and texting long enough to say I was being way too mean to Boy Child today.  Maybe the 3 hours of sleep I had really wasn't enough after all and my parenting skills are just not up to my usual perfection.  She eventually sided with me, however, when his antics finally focused on her. 

It's gonna be a long day.

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